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Falkor 36R Carbon Clincher


New for 2017, the Falkor 36R is a CFD and tunnel proven lightweight carbon clincher for road racing or everyday riding. The Falkor 36R rim is the result of a new design process we call Weighted Performance Matrix (WPM). WPM is our internal process in which all aspects of a rim are evaluated during the design phase. Design parameters include the type of bike it will be on, the terrain, the hubs it will be built with, typical head and cross winds, tire sizes, average rider weight and more. In the end we end up with a matrix with over 20 parameters and use this to fine tune aspects of the rim so that the performance is optimized for the specific application. In short, we let the science drive the design rather than the marketing department (which we don't have by the way.) Every aspect of the Falkor rims from the rim profile to the carbon layup schedule to the spoke exit angle is designed using this philosophy.

The Falkor 36R is aerodynamically optimized for 25mm (actual width, not labeled width) tires, however tires ranging from 22-28mm will fit without problems. The inner width of 20.5mm and the outer width of 27.7mm create a seamless tire to rim transition at 25mm (actual width of the tire, not labeled width of the tire) which is key to maintaining laminar airflow around the leading and trailing edge of the rim. The use of a lightweight 25mm (some high volume 23mm tires measure 25mm on the Falkor and those are optimal) tire will also lower rolling resistance over most real-world road surfaces resulting the in the fastest combination. The Falkor 36R features our 2nd generation rim brake surface. The 12K fabric weave on the brake track is not just visually striking, it works in conjunction with the our 2nd generation high temperature resin to provide more consistent modulation and brake pad friction while dissipating extreme temperatures better than any other rim we've tested. We recommend using Swiss Stop Black Prince or Yellow King brake pads. Brake pad placement should be as close to the inside of the brake track as possible. The Falkor 36R is tubeless compatible to help with flat protection, tire compliance, increased traction, and decreased rolling resistance.

We offer the Falkor 36R as a single rim or we will build your dream wheelset right here in house. Our wheelsets are handbuilt right here in Tennessee using only the best components; Sapim CX-Ray bladed or double butted spokes and DT Swiss alloy Pro Lock nipples. Hub choices include Chris King, Industry Nine, White Industries, DT Swiss, White Industries, and Onyx Racing (or you can also send in your own hubs.) To see a comparison of all our hubs check out the hub comparison chart. All wheelsets are built to order and it may take 4 weeks or more depending upon hub availability.

  Wheels are hand-built in Tennessee  

Most rims are in stock and ship in 1-3 days. Custom wheel builds take 4 weeks or more depending upon hub availability. Any cancelled complete wheelset orders are subject to a cancellation fee as high as 20% depending on if the wheel has been built. For pricing or to configure a wheelset, use the drop down menu below.
The Falkor works best with tire widths ranging from 25mm-38mm. The new 3M reflective decal appears black under normal light but is bright white when light hits it.
Falkor 36R Specifications  
*Rim weights are +/- 10g
**Wheel weights are with CX-Ray spokes with alloy nipples
***Recommended build tension is 120 kgf
****Use two layers of TPP tape for road applications
Please read the FAQ for other questions.
Weight Rim 415g*
Weight I9 Wheelset 1392g**
Weight King R45 Wheelset 1398g**
Weight Onyx Wheelset 1500g**
Weight DT 240S Wheelset 1380g**
Weight White Industries T11 Wheelset 1400g**
ERD 571
Asymmetric Offset None (symmetric)
Spoke Hole Drilling Angle 6 deg
Max Tension 160 kgf***
Max Pressure 130 psi****
Depth 36mm
Width 28mm external, 20.5mm internal
Braking 10mm high, 12K G2 High Temp
Recommended Tires and Frame Clearance 25mm+ tires, 29mm+ Frame clearance required
Hole Count 20, 24, 28, 32 (special order)
Tubeless Ready Yes (also works with tubes)
Finish Satin with 12K brake track
Tech Features 12K G2 High Temp Braking, UniWeave™, RockGuard™, Anti-Burp Bump™