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Tubeless Tape


This is tensilized polypropylene (TPP) tape we recommend using with all our rims. Our rims are designed to be run tubeless without the need for a thick, heavy rimstrip. This tape is thin and extremely lightweight yet surprisingly durable. Available in widths from 21 to 30mm to fit all our rims. Note that our pre-built wheels come with tape already installed. This tape can also be used as a lightweight rim tape (with tubes) as long as the pressure is kept below 40 psi. We recommend replacing your rim tape yearly or more often if you change tires frequently.

  • 21mm for Falkor rims
  • 24mm width Skyline or Citico rims
  • 26mm for Teocalli rims
  • 30mm width for AM or Farlow rims
  • 34mm width for Kitsuma rims
  • 10 yards
  • Only 5g per wheel!