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Elite Cycling Team

For 2017, Nox continues to support an elite group of regional cyclists. Expect to see these guys at races all over the southeast and at a few select national events in a wide range of events including XC, ultra endurance, enduro, and even an occasional cyclocross or road race. These guys are not only hand-picked strong cyclist, they are also approachable guys with a great knowledge of the Nox products they are riding. It's feedback from elite riders like these that continue to help us push the limits and refine our rims to be the best out there.

2016 Team Roster

Cory Rimmer

Cory Rimmer is professional cyclist from Walland, Tennessee. Cory loves and excels in all types of off road racing. He's raced and won every kind of race, from cyclocross and short track to 24 hour solo races. One of his proudest moments on the bike was at the 2013 Cyclocross National Championship were he won the Division 2 men's race. Off the bike, he's involved in summer camps for mountain biking were he work as a ride leader and skills coach. He finds it extremely satisfying to help a young rider accomplish their goals. Currently he attend King University and race for their varsity cycling program in addition to racing for the Nox Elite Team. Next year Cory plans to focus on races like the Off-Road Assault on Mount Mitchell and Marathon Nationals, as well as the Pisgah Stage Race and the Trans-Epic Stage Race. Also this year he will be pairing up with his teammate (and Nox Office manager/Pro Cyclist) Kaysee Armstrong to compete in the duo category at the Breck-Epic Stage Race.

Age: 24
Bike Setup: Kona Hei Hei 29 and Kona Super Jake
Wheel Setup: Nox Skyline-29 with Project 321 Hubs

Sean Eidemiller

Sean grew up in Knoxville but didn't start riding bikes until his early 30's. After a few rides at local trails, he was hooked and couldn't wait to start racing. The next two seasons he competed in the Southeastern Regional xc series. Although he enjoyed the excitement of higher intensity racing, he liked the challenge of endurance races. He since has been competing in 6 and 12 hour races all over the Southeast with a couple 24 hour races as well. He says his biggest accomplishment was finishing 3rd at the Burn 24 hour race in NC. He loves competing and challenging himself to see what he is capable of, but more than anything he loves the feeling of freedom he experiences while riding bikes.

Age: 42
Bike Setup: Giant XTC 0
Wheel Setup: Skyline 29 with Project 321 Hubs

Rich "Shaggy" Kidd

Shaggy started riding bikes at a very young age in Blountville, TN. His Dad was an avid road cyclist. The whole family would take road rides and trips to the Virginia Creeper Trail together. His Dad's love of cycling was instilled in him. It started as bombing down a steep hill behind the house and continued to building jumps for his BMX bike. Mountain biking was the next logical step as he grew up. Moving to Knoxville early in his 20's really stoked the fire. He competes all over the East coast in races from USAC Cross Country to the Shenandoah 100 with many 6 and 12 hour races in between. Always on a single speed. Bicycles are an addiction for him; with a road, triathlon, cyclocross, downhill, enduro, dirtjump and bmx bike in the garage there is always something to ride. He is also very active in the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club, doing trail work, leading organized rides, and making friends. This versatility made him a first choice when it came to testing NOX Composites products. Taking testing to the mountains of Pisgah Forest, the flower filled gulches of Colorado, and everywhere in between. In the future he hopes to ride more, party harder, and "spin it, to win it!!!"

Age: 29
Bike Setup: Lynskey Pro 29 Kona Process 153
Wheel Setup: Teocalli 29 Hope hubs, Farlow 275 rims with AC hubs

Scott Rusinko

As a child in Virginia, Scott learned that a bicycle was his ticket to fun and freedom. It wasn’t until he moved to Asheville, NC that he discovered mountain biking. First picking up the sport as a means of cross-training, Scott soon found his passion on the trails of Pisgah National Forest. After competing in several XC events, his focus shifted towards races that satisfy his desire to stay on his bike as long as is possible. Sharing time between single speed and gears, Scott is happiest riding and racing in locations where he is tested to his limits. Western North Carolina trails provide a prime training ground for his endurance racing goals.

Age: 43
Bike Setup: Giant XTC 29; Niner Sir9
Wheel Setup: Skyline 29 with Project 321 hubs

Joel Marshall

Joel rediscovered bicycles in his early twenties when he started riding to class on an old rigid 26er. Commuting was so gratifying that he soon picked up his first real mountain bike- a Gary Fisher 29er. Before the end of the maiden voyage a lifelong addiction was born. After several years of racing mountain and cyclocross- including state and regional championships in XC- Joel has begun to focus his efforts on longer formats including a variety of 12 hour, 24 hour, offroad 100 mile and multi-day mountain bike races. If there's an activity on two wheels where there's no fun to be had, he's yet to find it. Beyond XC, Joel dabbles in just about every discipline that involves pedals and dirt, doesn't mind throwing a leg over a road bike, and occasionally swaps pedals for a motor to hit the twisties on the Tennessee/North Carolina border. Joel is an AMBC member and regular on local dirt group rides. If you've ridden the trails in the greater Knoxville area you've likely ridden with him or ridden over some of the trails that he's helped build.

Age: 34
Bike Setup: Niner
Wheel Setup: Skyline 29 with Project 321 Hubs

Mike Danish

Mike is a lifetime competitive athlete currently on a mountain bike racing bender. He has spent a bunch of time racing sailboats, and most of his 20s freestyle and wave kite boarding before moving to Miami and competing in triathlon and then deciding (while jogging to his bike at IRONMAN Kona) that all he wanted to do was ride his mountain bike. As a Coast Guard Commander and pilot, he moves around a lot and now lives in Washington, DC where "the mountain biking is awesome, but the winters are too cold!" Mike's the 2015 USA Cycling Mountain Bike Marathon 35-39 Age Group National Champion, and his biggest win was the 2013 NUE Fool's Gold 100 after spending a few weeks in Colorado racing the Breck Epic Stage race (aka "the greatest 6 days on planet earth") finishing 2nd in the 30-39 category but winning 5 of the 6 stages. Mike likes to tinker with his equipment and is planning to race MTB tubulars this year. He'll be looking to improve his 2015 7th overall finish on the NUE circuit, while also focusing on 100k's like Marathon Nationals, the short version of some of the NUE's, and the Off-Road Assault on Mt Mitchell (ORAMM).

Age: 38
Bike Setup: Pivot Mach 429SL
Wheel Setup: Skyline 29 with i9 Torch Hubs (28 spoke)