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S36R Road Racing Carbon Clincher


The S36R (Symmetric, 36mm, Rim Brake) is a next-generation carbon clincher designed for road riding, up to and including competitive racing. A symmetric carbon 36mm deep clincher is a common rim to find these days, and we know you have options from other manufacturers so we knew we had to do something special. The S36R delivers by offering a rolling resistance lowering super-wide 20.5mm internal width (28mm external) paired with a proven tapered parabolic wind profile. Once you add in world-class friction impregnated resins for improved braking performance, optimized heat dissipation, a rim weight of only 410g and a price about half of what you are used to, you'll see why this rim is so special.

Road wheels are all about speed, and we come at this with a 4 tiered approach: Lowered rolling resistance, optimizing aerodynamics, optimizing braking and producing maximum wheel stiffness.
  • Rolling Resistance: Improving rolling resistance is done primarily by reducing hysteresis loses from tire deformation as you roll down the road. Think of it as the energy required to deform your tire each time you impact a small road imperfection. On a typical road this is happening nearly constantly because no road is perfectly smooth. The best way to combat this loss is a lesson we learned from our mountain bike racing background - go wide! The extra width of the S36R changes the tire shape, allowing it to more efficiently deflect as you roll over road imperfections. Hysteresis losses are also decreased when you ditch your tubes, which is why the S36R was designed to be tubeless compatible.
  • Aerodynamics: The S36R uses what we call a tapered parabolic shape, where the maximum width of the rim tapers out from the bead to a maximum thickness about half way down the profile. This shape has been proven to be the best compromise of aerodynamics and excellent cross wind performance.
  • Optimized Braking: If you want to go fast, you need to be able to stop fast. Knowing you can slow down allows you to take more speed into the corners and come out hotter. We use a 3K woven fabric on the brake track which has been molded with friction additives right into the high temperature resin. This is not a coating that will wear off, but it's an integral part of the rim that will give you years of service. We recommend Swiss Stop Black Prince EVO pads (available below) exclusively with our rims.
  • Wheel Stiffness: Building stiff wheels is what we do best, and this can have more impact to your road riding than you may realize. A stiff wheel holds a line better in a high speed turn and responds instantly when you put the power down. Since the spoke pattern and spoke count plays an integral part of this, please contact us if you don't know which spokes you should use or how many holes are right for your weight and riding style.

The S36R is in stock now and available as a standalone rim or it can be built to order by our team of talented wheel builders in our Knoxville, TN location. Hub choices for wheelsets include Industry Nine, Onyx Racing, Chris King and DT Swiss. We use Sapim CX-Ray or Race spokes and DT Pro Lock squorx alloy nipples. Custom wheel builds ship in 2-3 weeks.

In Stock! Custom wheel builds take up to 2 weeks. For pricing or to configure a wheelset, use the drop down menu below.
S36R Specifications  
*Rim weights are +/- 10g
**Wheel weights are with CX-Ray spokes with alloy nipples
***Recommended build tension is 120 kgf
****Use two layers of TPP tape for road applications
Please read the FAQ for other questions.
Weight Rim 410g*
Weight I9 Wheelset 1392g**
Weight R45 King Wheelset 1398g**
Weight Onyx Wheelset TBD**
Weight DT 240S Wheelset 1380g**
ERD 571
Asymmetric Offset None (symmetric)
Spoke Hole Drilling Angle 6 deg
Max Tension 160 kgf***
Max Pressure 130 psi****
Depth 36mm
Width 28mm external, 20.5mm internal
Recommended Tires and Frame Clearance 25mm+ tires, 29mm+ Frame clearance required
Hole Count 20, 24, 28, 32 (special order)
Tubeless Ready Yes (also works with tubes)
Finish Satin with 3K brake track
Tech Features UniWeave™, RockGuard™, Anti-Burp Bump™